Letting Go

Letting Go

We let go of different things at different times of our life. Sometimes we get to decide what we want to let go of and other times we’re forced to let things, people, expectations, or circumstances go. Oftentimes it is not an easy process, no matter how you get there.  

I do know that when you are able to let go of things,  people, expectations, or circumstances, it allows you to make space in your life and your heart for the things that matter to you the most at the current time. 

Like my friend Michele says, let go or be dragged.

Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.

― Daphne Rose Kingma

Enjoy this playlist of different music styles I enjoy and let it help you release and let go.

Forward bends offer many benefits whether you are standing or sitting. They help you lengthen and create space in your spine, they allow you to turn inward and quiet your mind, and they can help to soothe your nervous system–just to name a few.

Explore some of the postures below with different variations and the use of props (they’re your friend!) Fold and let go!