Author: Ceca Sarkissian

How Do I Meditate

By Lori Gray   I’ll let you in on a little secret.  You already practice meditation.  Really, you do!  Have you ever felt a ‘runner’s high’ after a 3-mile jog, lost all track of time engaged in a hobby, or found a sense of peace and calm after time in prayer?  Think back to a…
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Focus on the Now

by Meg Crawford I thought this was the perfect quote for November as we are all often dwelling on the past or thinking 5 steps ahead of ourselves. We can all stop and focus on the now and begin to appreciate the small things.


Balance by Cyndy Edwards I am blessed to live in a neighborhood completely surrounded by trees. Nearly every morning I soak in the sights, sounds, & smells of its earliest moments. I have discovered that starting the day in motion with nature brings me into balance emotionally, spiritually, & physically. Balance on its surface seems…
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Letting Go

We let go of different things at different times of our life. Sometimes we get to decide what we want to let go of and other times we’re forced to let things, people, expectations, or circumstances go. Oftentimes it is not an easy process, no matter how you get there.   I do know that…
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