How Do I Meditate

How Do I Meditate

By Lori Gray  

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  You already practice meditation.  Really, you do! 

Have you ever felt a ‘runner’s high’ after a 3-mile jog, lost all track of time engaged in a hobby, or found a sense of peace and calm after time in prayer?  Think back to a stressful day when you stopped everything and took a brisk walk, played with a fidget spinner, or simply chopped vegetables and the stress seemed to vanish.  

Those rhythmic tasks regulated your breath, kept your limbs busy, and gave your mind a single focus.  Within a few minutes your brain and body enjoyed active rest that lowered your blood pressure, settled your nerves, and improved your mood.  

Want more of that calm, peaceful feeling?  Great news!  You can experience it anytime, anywhere with just a few minutes a day. 

There are many different styles of meditation and many resources are available to guide your journey.  The most important aspect is your comfort level when purposefully setting out to establish a regular routine, and I encourage you to try different types to see what works best for you!

Some tips for getting started:

Posture is important

  • When lying down, be sure to have a pillow under your knees to support your back, and the heels of your feet connected to the earth.  
  • When seated, be sure that you are grounded on your sitting bones with your shoulders aligned over the hips and earlobes over the shoulders.  No slouching, please!

Training the Puppy

  • Even with a meditation instructor or app guiding you through counted breath or a body part scan, your mind may still wander.  It’s okay!  
  • Just like training a puppy who wanders off from a ‘sit,’ gently bring the mind back to the moment.  Don’t forget to reward yourself  Good puppy!  

Science has proven that regular meditation practice reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep, helps control pain, lengthens attention span, reduces memory loss, and many other medical and emotional benefits.  

You can enjoy all of those benefits with a regular meditation practice.  Get started today!