Class Descriptions


Chair/Adaptive Yoga: This class is designed for those who wish to enjoy a full practice of yoga, but have difficulty getting up and down from the floor. Students will enjoy a complete yoga practice while remaining seated. Perfect for those with knee or hip replacements, those with limited mobility due to injury, or seniors needing a bit more support.

Yin Yoga: This gentle practice invites us to explore each pose more deeply, opening our bodies and minds to receive the benefits of the breath and movement. Because we are relaxing in postures for longer periods of time, this practice is very meditative and calming.

Gentle Flow: Experience the mind-body-breath connection while stretching the body in a way that builds strength, reduces stress, and promotes self-awareness. A perfect fit for beginners.

Movement+Meditation: This class offers a grounding practice using gentle yoga and a guided meditation. Perfect for new yogis and those wanting to begin a meditation practice and intercept a busy mind.


Slow Flow: Students are guided through their yoga practice at a slow and steady pace, connecting breath and movement. A great practice for new and experienced practitioners looking to flow, stretch and unwind.

Yinyasa Flow: Slow flow paired with longer yin-style holds and you have a class to suit everybody.

Slow Stretch: It is important to stretch our bodies regularly, either as a stand-alone practice or as a compliment to a regular fitness routine. It is appropriate for all levels. The class uses breath and basic yoga poses aimed at releasing tension and stress in the body while creating flexibility, strength, and mobility.


All Level Flow: A guided practice at a fluid pace, with a focus on alignment. The class includes a wide variety of postures with modifications offered to accommodate all practitioners. Inversions may be included, with options offered. Some yoga experience is recommended.

All Level Vinyasa Flow: This all level, dynamic vinyasa practice will keep you moving! Students can expect creative sequence, possibly inversions (with alternative options), as well as breathwork, and of course, savasana to close the practice.

Challenge Flow: This class combines asana and breath to encourage students to deepen their practice. Students should be comfortable and familiar with shapes of poses and open to arm balances and inversions. Options will always be given. This class is for experienced yogis.

Yoga/Barre Fusion: This class offers elements of yoga combined with barre, pilates, strength and mobility training and more! This is for all level of student. All equipment for the class is provided at the studio.